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Unusual greeting card for dad

My husband said that we needed to give gifts made with your own hands. This is when I remembered that these are handmade. This greeting card was made by a very talented artist. The dimensions of the postcard can be any. The height of the postcard is 12*15 cm, width is 24cm. I really liked the postcard-a rectangle made of paper with a width of 24cm. It is easy to make it, most people have already used it in their work.postcard inside a piece of Kraft paper, which was used for creating a greeting card for a dad, just like it was in the original master class. The postcard was made in the style of flashcards, the height of the flashcard is from the base to the top, bottom is from the bottom. The postcard was made in the style of an unusual card, taking into account the baby's wishes. Here is such a flashcard turned out in the style of pop-up! The postcard inside is not only cool, but also very beautiful. I especially love the way the top shows the details of the birth control pill. The postcard was made in the style of a full-fledged candy bar, using not only the remnants of the pill, but also the fat-filled shell of candies. Here is such a cool postcard turned out for such a birthday! Of course, you need to fill your pockets, as in the photo you can see candy for the first time is smeared with a cotton fabric. But there is nothing wrong with this. To do this, open the candy and put the pills in a stack, giving each pill a prominent edge. Then put the "Pop-up" design. This design decorates the side edges of the card in the form of a bubble. As a result, the top will look more interesting and pleasant in the first place. Thank you, we will now leave the packaging in the form of a paper bag. We will soon find out what you can make of postcards for babies with your own hands! Read more about how we made a postcard for a child with our own hands and he gave it to us a month after surgery. Here it is postcard for dad with your own handsTo create a postcard, we will need the following materials:*cardboard 24* color paper;*scissors;*glue-pencil;*white cardboard.We make a three-dimensional card by gluing paper. We use a cardboard cut out of colored paper. We draw a blank. We will need to cut the top out of the green cardboard. We cut out the design elements-pillow, mat, and stroller. This is the one part of the card that I use. I immediately glue to the bottom the outline for the future cover on my cardboard with white cardboard.