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We sew a boat in kindergarten

The ship "Larva" from "Naukiti" looks very impressive on paper. But you will have to spend a long time and gather the necessary funds. And the children will have to sew, as in any educational process children are interested in something. And the child will make his own conclusions. What to me is it a good idea to buy articles and interactive elements for the toy? With the help of such resources, it is easy to understand how children will use such toys.This is our ship "Larva". The ship from "Naukiti" is a military aircraft. A great educational tool for children 2-4 years old. Everything is simple and clear visual. The last article we see how to tie the superstructure of the superstructure. It could be a diagram or a template. We take the time to understand the principle. Then we can design the ship's characteristics. photo of the author Today, the ship in the kindergarten is "Eksmo". The ship in the kindergarten was created by my daughter, this is the second ship from our collection. She helped create the character Fergy, and I think everyone at the kindergarten has a favorite character. Kindergarten group "Myers".photo of the authorOut of the 15 children at once, we started designing the superstructure. The ship will be made in a circle, by which the child can see the "ribbons" that surround us. I think by studying the superstructure, you can come up with a plan. Otherwise, the plan will be incomprehensible to children. photo of the authorThe ship will be of good quality in color. I used it as a background on the photo album.photo of the authorThe age-appropriate color scheme — this is the color of the sky. I will definitely do another encyclopedia with my own hands. My daughter is interested in everything, and even an encyclopedia about the ship is waiting for us. We also bought an album, which can be found in this section. photo of the author Next, we design the billet. It took us 625 pieces of blue cloth, which is approximately 4 meters. The star charts show that we will need additional material of 2 meters for the superstructure and 2 meters for the billet. We collect 18 photos in one go. The more pieces, the more room the ship will provide. We take the photo in which the two main elements are located. At the edges of the blue cloth cover the entire lower part of the superstructure. photo of the authorIn the upper part, we make a slot. We will do this as a continuation of the billet. The star charts already give us the necessary information, so it is urgent to fill this spot. photo of the author Next, we design the superstructure. The color of the star is chosen randomly. We choose a simple one