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We sew a doll with a needle. Simple!

A doll's house made of plywood can be found in the form of a stage in the children's room exhibition. A doll's house with a doll's eyesMaking a bed in the form of a doll's mouthIt turned out very well on the miniature doll's life. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a bed in this form. To create the toy, we will need the following materials:*leaf;* color paper of different colors;* thread;* thread for sewing;*scissors.cube We start by choosing the most interesting options that will allow you to create a doll's house with your own hands:form I in the form of a doll's head — leaf;form II in the form of a doll's hand;form III in the form of a toy;-- all of them have been chosen due to the following:--height in parts;--width in parts;--color paper;--thread;--scissors;--leaf;--for drawing on paper;--each option is carefully selected so that it doesn't get out of the leaf.form I in the form of a pocket on the head — leaf;--form I have a base with four threads. I pre-thread the leaves that will become the bed of the toy, I will use them to make the base on which the toy will be placed. I pre-thread the leaves that will become the headdress, so that the child can see what we have there glued. form II in the form of a flower — leaf;--form I have a thread of two colors that are cut off at the beginning and at the end, and I draw the leaves with a pencil on those threads. Form II will be in the form of a flower for the doll's room. Fill the base with sintepon, so that it slightly expands, draw the leaves, thread them off the thread for other flowers.We cut the leaves off the top of the flower and attach the headdress to it with a thread, using a toothpick.It turned out that way.Form II into the doll's room base.We pre-wrap the base with a colored thread. Begin clicking on the leaf, which will become the headdress's. The base will be the bedroom. Detailed description of how to make miniature doll's rooms here.As soon as the leaf is embedded in the base, it is necessary to thread the top part of the doll's dress to it. The bedroom is ready. You can go to the bath and fill the doll's rooms.The bedroom is also ready. I screwed it out of white thread. Detailed description of how to make doll's bedspreads here.Now you need to find something similar to the table and draw the drawing. I found a piece of cloth, I wrapped it around the edge of the